Do Dogs Need Clothes in Summer?

April 09,2022

It's getting hotter and hotter, and dogs don't need to wear thick, fluffy dog clothes anymore. So, how about thin and light? Should dogs wear clothes in summer? What kind of dog clothes to wear? Let us answer them all for you.


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Do dogs need clothes in summer?


For long-haired dogs, there is almost no need to wear dog clothes in winter, because their own hair is relatively strong and can withstand severe cold. Clothes are not only very bad for the dog's own sweat function, but also easy to get sick.


For those dogs with thin and short hair, clothes can keep out the cold, and in summer, there is no hair cover, and the skin is prone to sunburn, so clothes are necessary.


What kind of clothes do dogs need to wear in summer?


In summer, the temperature is relatively high and it is easy to rain, so a dog hooded raincoat is a good choice. It makes dogs just as happy to play on a rainy day. The back of the hooded raincoat is designed with Velcro and snap buttons, which has the advantages of one-piece design, easy to put on and take off. It also has rich colors, including red, rose red, pink, pink, lake blue, sky blue, army green, fluorescent green, lemon yellow, you can choose arbitrarily.


More importantly, this raincoat is not only waterproof, but also sun protection. Come and place an order for your pet!