How to Clean Dog Clothes?

August 04,2022

You may often buy clothes for your dogs, but do you know how their clothes should be cleaned?


How to Dress a Dog?

July 21,2022

Now there are more and more friends with pets at home, but when it comes to the real suitable to travel with their owners, it's still not the pet dogs. So we are all armed. What about dogs?


What is the Scientific Function of Pets Wearing Clothes?

July 08,2022

It is not new to dress pets. Now people are under great pressure in life and have no sense of security. They are unwilling to confidently associate with others, so they can only place their emotions on pets. So, what is the scientific role of dressing pets?


How to Wash Dog Clothes

June 25,2022

Owners who like to dress their dogs must have questions about how to wash their dog's clothes. Dog clothes must be washed separately from human clothes! Although clothing for dogs can keep short-haired dogs warm and dirty, we still do not recommend dogs to wear clothes all the time.


Things to Know before Shopping for Dog Clothes

June 13,2022

People often pay attention to adding clothes when it is cold, and dogs also need them. Due to family breeding and other reasons, dogs' ability to resist the cold is far inferior to other wild dogs (such as wolves), so it is necessary to wear a warm coat for dogs when the weather is cold.


Do Dogs Need to Wear Scarves

May 30,2022

If it is a short-haired dog like a Shar Pei, Dachshund, Pit Bull, Chihuahua, it is still necessary to give it a scarf and a coat when it is cold. Because their coats in winter does not play an efficient role in keeping warm, the dogs are used to the warm indoor temperature, suddenly go out in the cold air, it will be easy to catch a cold and diarrhea.


Do Dogs need Clothes?

May 16,2022

There are many online Red dogs on social media. Some of them will wear clothes and look very cute, which makes many dog owners want to buy clothes for their dogs. However, not all dogs are suitable for wearing clothes. Do you know the taboo of dogs wearing clothes?


Dog Clothing Shopping Guide

April 22,2022

Now the era of online shopping is coming. Many pet clothes are not returned or changed. Only by measuring the circumference of pets can we ensure that the pet clothes purchased are the most appropriate. Today we'll teach you how to measure the "circumference" of your pet.


Do Dogs Need Clothes in Summer?

April 09,2022

It's getting hotter and hotter, and dogs don't need to wear thick, fluffy dog clothes anymore. So, how about thin and light? Should dogs wear clothes in summer? What kind of dog clothes to wear? Let us answer them all for you.


Benefits Of Dressing Your Pet Dog

March 25,2022

This paper talks about the benefits of dressing your pet dogs