Do Dogs Need to Wear Scarves

May 30,2022

Hesitate whether to wear scarves for dogs, the following you can refer to:


There are two general situations:


dog scarf


✅Situation one:


If it is a short-haired dog like a Shar Pei, Dachshund, Pit Bull, Chihuahua, it is still necessary to give it a scarf and a coat when it is cold. Because their coats in winter does not play an efficient role in keeping warm, the dogs are used to the warm indoor temperature, suddenly go out in the cold air, it will be easy to catch a cold and diarrhea.


✅Situation two:


If it is husky, Samoyed, Alaska, St. Bernard, Caucasian such long-haired dogs, the so-called warm clothing, for them is to add to the picture.


First of all, these breeds of dogs generally have two layers of fur inside and outside, to play the role of warmth is unimaginable to humans, they can also run in the winter in the snow at will, will not feel cold. If you give long-haired dogs wearing clothes, in the process of dog activities, clothes and coat friction, it will be easy to make the coat knotted, long time not breathable, but also easy to breed bacteria.


So, whether to give the dog clothes to wear a scarf, or depends on the breed Oh.


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