Do Dogs need Clothes?

May 16,2022

There are many online Red dogs on social media. Some of them will wear clothes and look very cute, which makes many dog owners want to buy clothes for their dogs.


However, not all dogs are suitable for wearing clothes. Do you know the taboo of dogs wearing clothes?


dog's clothes


Try not to dress your dog in summer.


Most of the psychological reasons for dogs to wear clothes are to comfort their owners. Because dogs have lush hair and can regulate their body temperature by themselves. If you put on your clothes again, it will be very muggy.


However, there are exceptions, that is, short-haired dogs, lack the protection of hair on their skin. Their skin is directly exposed to the sun and will sunburn their skin for a long time. Then when you go out, you can choose fresh and breathable sunscreen clothes for your dog.


Don't wear shoes for dogs.


In fact, in most cases, the dog's hair is warm enough. Wearing clothes will only overheat the dog. The only parts that which dogs can dissipate heat are the tongue and the soles of their feet. If the soles of the feet are wrapped, the dog will not be able to dissipate heat.


You can't choose clothes that are too small and too tight.


In particular, the legs and tail must not affect the dog's activities, otherwise, the dog will have a stiff gait and even dare not move. In addition, clothes are not suitable for exaggerated decoration, such as buttons, zippers, velcros, etc. dogs will feel uncomfortable and even risk swallowing by mistake.


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