Dog Clothing Shopping Guide

April 22,2022

Now the era of online shopping is coming. Many pet clothes are not returned or changed. Only by measuring the circumference of pets can we ensure that the pet clothes purchased are the most appropriate. Today we'll teach you how to measure the "circumference" of your pet.


dog clothing


The first circumference of the neckline: neck circumference


The so-called neck circumference refers to the circumference of the dog's neck. Generally, it can be measured by one centimeter! If your dog is developing, you can put it about two centimeters. Otherwise, the neck circumference needs to be measured accurately and controlled within one centimeter as far as possible to prevent the infiltration of cold air.


The second circumference of the fattest place: is chest circumference


Specifically, it refers to the circumference of the widest place at the root of their front legs. Generally, it is also the fattest place for pets. Generally, it is measured to release at least two to three centimeters. You can choose to let the dog eat and test again. In this state, the measured data is more accurate.


Third circumference different from others: back length


This refers to the length from the withers of the horse (the position where the shoulder blades on both sides are close to each other, not the position where the collar is worn at ordinary times) to the root of the tail. When measuring the body length, be sure to make your pet stand straight and fully expand his body. Don't lie or lie down, otherwise, the accuracy of the measuring ruler will be greatly reduced.


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