How to Choose Clothes for Dogs?

February 24,2022

Dog owners should have encountered such problems: you want to buy clothes for your dogs, but you don't know what size to buy. Today I'll teach you how to choose clothes for dogs.


clothes for dogs


Measure your dog's neck circumference.


Use a soft leather ruler to measure the circumference of the dog's neck. The length of a circle around the skin that usually wears a collar is the neck circumference. In general, it will be put 1 cm more for comfort.


Measure the length of the dog, that is, the length of the back.


The length of the dog's back is measured from the neck circumference to the root of the tail. The data of back length is very important in the choice of dog clothes.


Measure a dog's chest circumference.


The length of a circle from the root of the front leg is the bust. The size of the bust is related to whether a dress can be put on the dog. However, this place is hairy and thick, so it is difficult to grasp the accuracy of measurement. It needs to put 2-3cm more.


A specific measurement of specific parts.


If you need to make more exquisite clothes, you'd better measure their leg length, the distance between their front legs, the length of their lower body, etc. Some dogs have excess nutrition, forming a spleen and wine belly, and some dogs have small and short legs. This situation needs specific measurements.


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