How to Choose Suitable Pet Clothes

January 06,2022

For many people, pets are our friends, even our daughters or sons. Therefore, all aspects of their lives require us to prepare carefully. Especially the clothes that are in close contact with them. Therefore, we will mainly introduce how to choose pet clothes.


pet clothes


How to choose the fabric of pet clothes?


Pet clothes should be made of natural fabrics such as pure cotton and pure wool (silk is also possible), which can greatly reduce the skin allergies caused by the fabric, and also reduce the damage of static electricity to the dog's fur.


At present, most dog clothes are made of natural fibers, synthetic fibers and blends.


1️⃣The advantages of natural fiber are moisture absorption, breathability, comfortable wearing, no static electricity, the disadvantage is that it is easy to deform, easy to wrinkle, and difficult to clean.


2️⃣Chemical fibers are synthetic fibers, also known as man-made fibers, including polyester, spandex, nylon, and acrylic.


Their advantages are strong elasticity, not easy to deform, and easy to take care of, but their disadvantages are poor moisture absorption and air permeability, and static electricity.


3️⃣The last type is blended fabrics, including polyester cotton, polyester silk, cotton and spandex, cotton linen, silk cotton and so on.


Blended fabrics not only have the characteristics of comfortable wearing of natural fabrics, but also the advantages of strong and durable chemical fiber fabrics.


How to choose the size of pet clothes?


In order to make the dog look more fashionable and cute, some owners often ignore whether the size of the clothes matches the dog's body shape. If pet dogs wear inappropriate clothes, they will not only feel uncomfortable, but will also make them inconvenient and more likely to be injured.


Pro Tips:


Wash your dog's clothes frequently. Don’t think that your dogs’ clothes are only worn when they’re out, so you don’t need to change and wash frequently. This is a misunderstanding, because dogs are prone to dirt and small insects in outdoor activities, especially in the grass. If they do not wash frequently, they will get dermatitis or parasites.


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