The Future of Pet Apparel

March 11,2022

As the "pet economy" continues to heat up, pet supplies are increasingly abundant, and pet apparel sales continue to rise. Demand further determines the market. The rejuvenation of the pet group has made the pet clothing market focus on functionality and comfort, while fashion has also become the vane of sales.


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The Market for Pet Products is Vast


For the pet products industry, in the face of an aging population, changes in family structure and pet-raising concepts, people's demand for pet products will greatly increase, and the pet products market will become more and more broad.


As the industrial chain becomes more and more complete, many items that can be purchased for pets have emerged. Pet clothing is an increasingly popular category. According to statistics, 41% of pet supplies merchants are selling pet clothing.


The Pet Clothing Market is Booming


At this stage, the rapid economic development has led to an increase in income, and it has also brought about an earth-shaking change in the consumption concept of pet owners. China's pet apparel industry is developing rapidly and has a tendency to catch up with Japan and South Korea.


Building a pet clothing brand and forming a relatively complete pet aesthetic system is an important way to increase the current consumption of pet clothing.


With the substantial increase in the number of pet owners and the growth of the high-end consumer market, small and medium-sized dogs and cats in the pet apparel market will account for a larger proportion in the future.


Most consumers report that as long as the product quality is good, they are willing to spend money. Quality and design are the core competitiveness of the pet clothing market in the future.


At Last


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